Five Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time again! As the sunshine pours into our windows and cornflower skies beckon us to come outdoors and play. This is a time of renewal. After the long, cold days of winter, animals and plants alike are producing new offspring and emerging anew. This is an excellent time to renew the interior of your home! With a strategic plan and a little elbow grease, you can prep your home for the upcoming spring and summer months.

So, before you rush out to enjoy the warmer temperatures, here are ten tips to help make sure your spring cleaning inside goes swiftly so you have more time to enjoy the outside!

Tip #1-Start small! Looking at the entire home may be overwhelming. Chunk the task by starting with a kitchen or bedroom junk drawer. Remove items that no longer work into two piles—one to donate and one for garbage. Proverbial wisdom-If you haven’t used it in two years, it may be time to let it go.

Tip #2 -Put your vacuum to work! All those extra tools on your vacuum work. Use them on your furniture to clean upholstery and to remove popcorn and other food debris from couch crevices and chairs. Add small amounts of carpet cleaner or fabric refresher for a nice scent.

Tip #3-Attack Corner Dust and Hidden Dirt! Throughout the winter, dust and dirt accumulate in places we may not commonly clean. Use this spring cleaning to focus on those hidden pockets of dirt and dust. Use an extended duster for those hard to reach places.

Tip #4 - Freshen Up Walls! With a magic eraser, water, and elbow grease, you can freshen up the walls in your home. This is a fast way to not only brighten your paint, but also spruce crown molding as well. Get kids in the act and give them an eraser so they can see dirt magically disappear.

Tip #5 - Clean the exterior windows. Snow, salt, and debris can leave the exterior windows grimy and covered in film. To allow more sunlight to come in to your home, clean the windows. Remove the screens and hose them off. Next, use glass cleaner and either microfiber towels to clean the glass.

The key to spring cleaning is to make your home bloom. Each of our top five tips focus on quick but effective ways to reach your spring cleaning goals on your own. However, if you decide you need help, reach out to us at Citywide Janitorial, LLC 704-992-8898.