Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable when using your workplace restroom?

Are the restroom scenes in the photos familiar to you when at work or visiting a facility?

"Restrooms are among the top three sources of tenant complaints," said Richard Marriott, Senior Office Building Marketing leader, Kimberly-Clark Professional. "The typical office worker visits the restroom three to four times a day. In an average building, that's a million opportunities a year to impress or disappoint. Given this, it's essential to make sure a building's restrooms measure up to tenant expectations."

We can all agree that a properly cleaned facility is a healthy one. It contributes to the wellbeing of your employees and guests. Restrooms can be an ideal place for wide-spread germs and bacteria, which in turn, could lead to increased employee absences due to illnesses. These issues happen on a daily basis at the workplace and are more common than we would like to see. There's an easy fix! Outsourcing the cleaning of your restroom, or rather, facility on a whole, to a professional cleaning company is the first step to a resolution.
Part 2 addresses how we handle these issues - coming soon!

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