The 4 Cs of Cleaning

Janitorial services for commercial facilities are oftentimes outsourced versus using an in-house staff. As a facility or operations manager, you may have to hire or contract the services of a cleaning company (See our blog post titled: Hiring A Cleaning Company) for your janitorial needs.

Although the cleaning industry is brimming with numerous janitorial companies, it can sometimes still be difficult to find the right commercial cleaning services for your building. There are certain qualities you should look out for before hiring a cleaning company. These qualities have been dubbed by experts in the cleaning business as the “The 4Cs of Cleaning.” Let’s take a look at my top 4.

  1. Communication

Clear and precise communication is one of the most important qualities of an exceptional cleaning company.  You should consider this very important quality when considering who your next cleaning contractor. As the facility manager, you should be able to communicate seamlessly on matters pertaining to your facility such as concerns, preferences, feedback, changes and updates or anything you deem is necessary for the improvement on your facility. It is just as vital to ensure that the responsiveness between you and the cleaning company’s point of contact is done in a timely manner. Failure to practice effective communication with your cleaning company could result in misunderstandings and may affect performance.

  1. Cleanliness

Another quality of a great cleaning service is extensive experience in the art of cleaning. This is the ability of a cleaning company to ensure that every single surface and habitable space in a building is scoured and cleaned to perfection. A great company that offers office cleaning and commercial cleaning should be committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services. You should be able to immediately spot the difference in the cleanliness of the rooms in your building after the cleaning service is done. Also, the cleaning staff should be neat and well-groomed, so you can be sure to expect to see the same level of personal cleanliness reflected in their janitorial cleaning duties.

  1. Consistency

If you take a close look at the best building cleaning services, you will find out that one thing that stands out for most of them is consistency. Choosing a consistent company is important to ensure that you get the same level of outstanding quality every time the cleaners clean your building. Thus, choose a company whose cleaning crews are well-trained to carry out their cleaning duties in an exact efficient manner, according to routine and at the scheduled time.

  1. Cost

Naturally, hiring a commercial cleaning company can help you save cost, as you don’t have to worry about the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as employee benefits or in-house cleaners. However, when choosing the right cleaning company for your building, you should choose one that delivers quality cleaning service at a reasonable price. Avoid hiring a mediocre company that delivers a shabby job in an attempt to save more cost. Ensure your cleaner brings value-added services.


These are the 4Cs of cleaning you should look out for, as the facility or operational manager of a building, when hiring a commercial cleaning company.

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