Hiring a Cleaning Company:

Hiring a cleaning company for your home or business is a huge decision that requires trust. Before hiring, always make sure that your cleaning company holds itself to the highest professional standards. They should be competent, trustworthy, efficient, and take great care in not causing damage to your items or your property.
You should also be aware of their policies in the event that you’re not satisfied with their service, or something has been damaged. Is this company insured? Or will you have to foot the bill for damaged property?
Below is a list of 7 points you should always discuss before hiring. You deserve a cleaning company you can count on!

  1. Are you bonded and insured? We are fully insured and bonded to absolve your business of any liability for unintended property damages. Uninsured companies might be cheaper, but they also can’t afford to pay you back in the case of property damage. Always verify coverage with the insurance company.
  2. How do you screen your staff? A background check and drug test is conducted on all employees prior to being hired. We also perform random drug testing without prior notice. We are proud to hire responsible, hard-working individuals you can trust.
  3. What if I am not happy with the job? We have a 100% guarantee! If something wasn’t done to your satisfaction, let us know. We will gladly correct the issue at no additional cost to you.
  4. What products do you use? We use quality Spartan products. Spartan has cleaning product lines that are environmentally friendly and also manufactured from sustainable resources.
  5. Can I get some references? Of course, please check our testimonials page.
  6. Do you have any training or certifications? All employees are trained on the accounts they are assigned. We do three nights of side by side (depending on size of account) followed by two nights of observation before keys are handed over. This ensures our employees fully understand how to carry out each task to your specification. We also provide consistent, ongoing training and will provide documented proof upon request. Employees are also required to complete an online training module to understand proper cleaning procedures and OSHA standards.
  7. What types of properties do you clean? We can clean buildings of all types including: apartments, offices, townhomes, single-family homes, medical facilities, auto facilities, recreational facilities, post-construction and more.

There are endless cleaning companies to choose from, but this list of FAQs should help narrow your search. If you do reach out to a cleaning company, be sure to prepare a similar list of questions to ask them, so that you know you’ve chosen the right company for you. We’re always happy to spread our knowledge. If you would like to learn more about Citywide Janitorial, LLC, please contact us on our website or at (704) 992-8898.